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Hallin Marine
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Hallin Marine


Hallin Marine, a Superior Energy Services company, is an integrated subsea contractor providing a high standard and wide range of subsea services, support and capability to the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide.

Our assets and resources include a balanced fleet of subsea operation vessels, saturation and air diving systems, a wide range of remotely operated vehicles, project management and engineering expertise.

Working in partnership with our customers, we offer our expertise and technical capabilities to complete integrated subsea projects safely, efficiently, on schedule and within budget through the world.

Subsea Operation Vessels

Hallin owns and operates a balanced fleet of subsea operations vessels from project specific operations to multi-service capabilities. All the vessels used for Hallin operations are industry standards classed and of high specification.


Hallin has a team of professional divers with extensive real-life experience in designing, building and operating subsea equipment, hyperbaric rescue chambers/facilities, saturation diving systems and air-diving systems. Hallin's systems are classed and meet the latest in technical and safety requirements as both modular and built-in shipboard units.


Hallin operates a large and diverse fleet of modern remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) ranging from heavy work class to inspection and eyeball vehicles that cater for shallow to deep water operations and are capable of working up to 3,000m depth below sea level.

Compact Semi Submersible Derwent

CSS Derwent is designed as an alternative to large multi-service vessels and traditional semi-submersibles. She is equipped with the latest technology, focused on safe handling of deck loads and is highly tolerant of extreme weather condition.

CSS Derwent is classed under ABS, +A1, Column Stabilised Drilling unit, +AMS(E), DP3, UWILD, Helidk.

CSS Derwent is designed with the capabilities of working in deep water of up to 3,000m depth across a spectrum of duties which includes subsea construction support, IRM, SURF support, light well intervention, deployment and recovery of manifolds and subsea trees, as well as topside construction support.


Hallin has a modern manufacturing facility based in Singapore, managed by a team of professional engineers with extensive experience in the design, build and fabrication of subsea equipment, ROVs and saturation diving systems.


Hallin Marine provides complete project engineering and management services to support clients worldwide.

Our engineering activities typically include structural designing, marine dynamic, maintenance and field-life extension; installation, analysis and engineering; procurement and fabrication sub-contracting; subsea engineering inspection, repair and maintenance; and overall engineering support for operations.

Subsea Services and Support

As an integrated subsea contractor, Hallin provides a range of subsea services to support the delivery of technically reliable and viable solutions to clients in all environments.

Our subsea services activities include but not limited to IRM, construction support and installation, SURF, field services, survey and diving operations. Combining our expertise with Hallin's subsea assets and systems, we are able to deliver any projects from shallow to deep water operations.